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Placing Accounts

Collection Services: Placing Accounts

The goal here is to make it as easy as possible for our clients to get their accounts to us. Our clients benefit because they can choose which option works best for them.

Facsimile Server Option
Accounts can easily be faxed to our office for processing. We utilize eFax technology so that all incoming facsimiles are automatically converted into a digital format for easy handling. This also safeguards the documents due to the security technology inherent in the eFax software.
Digital Submission Option
Accounts can be sent electronically or turned over to us in a digital format. Due to the flexibility of our collection software, we are able to directly upload account data into our system. We accept almost any format from our clients, including ASCII (flat text file), CSV (Comma Separated Values), Excel, Access, etc.
Mail Submission Option
For those clients that prefer to send us copies of their documents via more traditional mail, we provide all of our clients with large pre-paid postage envelopes (we pay the shipping costs) so they can either make copies of their documents or actually send us the originals. The copies are scanned into our system and then securely shredded. The originals are scanned and then returned to the client.