About CRSI

Certified Recovery Systems, Inc. (CRSI) was formed in 1987 to assist companies in increasing their revenues by recovering their bad debt. In the beginning CRSI collected on hot checks for local companies, unpaid accounts for doctors, dentists, medical laboratories and other miscellaneous accounts for commercial companies. It became obvious early on that CRSI was a company that produced results quickly and efficiently.

Why Use CRSI?
Recovery really is our middle name

Certified Recovery Systems, Inc. has been a member of the American Collectors Association since 1989. All CRSI Collectors attend ACA Schools to become Certified Collectors.

  • CRSI reports to the 3 major credit bureaus.
  • CRSI understands business needs & how to deliver results to meet or exceed expectations.
  • CRSI has an electronic filing system to store all client documents.
  • CRSI maintains state of the art skip tracing tools to help locate individuals.

CRSI will use its state of the art recovery program to maximize collecting on your bad debt

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